How 5 fusion journalists engaged 41.1M people over 7 days ::a Newsplexer Project in NYC::

Designing a news experience is much easier when doing it around something already being ginned up as a major experience. Like the 2017 World Congress of the International News Media Association, with it’s grand stage presentations and gala awards night.

In that case, all one need produce is the news. And of course the context. And the interface and archives. And the online community. And the social interactivity. And the whole translation of an escalating physical event to an accumulating digital one. Coding emotion. Rasterizing drama. Rendering discovery…

Okay, maybe it isn’t all that much easier than if the event isn’t already an experience worthy of the term. But it was a really great story, which is always the essential element to a successful Newsplexer Project, which this was.

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