Trading scale for vertical (ie HuffPo Scope health portal) doesn’t fundamentally change reader experience 

The Scope

The Huffington Post is hoping that a change in branding can attract a new audience to its health coverage. The Scope, launched earlier this month after about six months of planning, is a new editorial brand made up of content from Huffington Post and elsewhere. Rather than straight news or straight service, The Scope is meant to house service-y stories produced by lifestyle reporters, policy-focused stories filed by correspondents in DC, and everything in between…

…[The Scope is] also the latest step the AOL-owned publisher’s taken away from the scale-chasing strategy that saw it stand up editorial sections on everything under the sun. Now that scale for scale’s sake is falling out of fashion, a growing number of publishers are trying to build smaller, more focused editorial brands, and they are using platforms as a way to dip their toes in the water.

Source: Digiday