Millennials don’t need or want the same relationship with news as their parents ::show, don’t tell::

Michael Gruzuk, Vice

“Every metric you would use to look at young people’s consumption of the news is pointing in the direction that they don’t really need this show. That they don’t have the same relationship with evening newscasts that previous generations did, in the sense that you didn’t know what was going on during the day, and you came home turned on the TV and learned about what happened,” says Michael Gruzuk, the director of news, digital and specialty programming for Vice Canada.  “(Vice was) known for getting cameras into places in surprising ways, into the heart of international stories that we became known for. We’re trying to bring that to the nightly show. You don’t see pundits on the show; you don’t see talking heads. You’ll always see people in stories and places. That’s what we’re looking for: Take me somewhere, show me something, give me access to a world and don’t tell me how to feel about it.”

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