Snapchat v Instagram? It misses the point, like iPhone v Android; PC v Mac, telegraph v Pony Express

Instagram vs Snapchat

Journalists also need to think of Snapchat as its own unique platform with established norms, culture and users that can’t easily be swayed with the latest technology. If it was all about technology, Snapchat users would have already made the switch to Instagram Stories or even Slingshot. It takes time to understand all the nuances of Snapchat — like the easter eggs buried in the app — but it’s the platform’s idiosyncrasies that make it sticky to users.

Source: MediaShift

This source article is correct in that it is not about tech. It’s about people, needing to express something, and wanting to experience other people’s expressions, and what makes them feel accomplished in that. BTW, we call those expressions stories.

But then going on to argue that Snapchat somehow deserves a special status among platforms for whatever reason is contradictory. There is as little brand loyalty to a social media platform today as there is to any old media platform, like newspapers and network TV. Platform evangelism is pointless except for marketing and advertising, which millennial news participants simply ignore anymore.