Short mobile videos getting longer, as much as 10 mins or more ::trend shift in mobile::


For the longest time the received wisdom was that mobile video lengths had to be short or ‘digestible’. As recently as September 2014 sites like Digiday were reporting that the average session time on Netflix for consumers on mobile devices was under ten minutes, which as the article notes is much shorter than the typical length of a piece of video content on the service.

But that statistic is rapidly shifting to favour longer videos, to the point that the average session time on mobile for YouTube content was 40 minutes by July of last year.

And Ooyala notes:

“For the second quarter in a row, 69% of all videos watched on smartphones were under 10 minutes long. On the flip side, that means that nearly one third of smartphone videos watched were longer than 10 minutes — Millennials are at it again.”

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