WP finds vertical, animated, explainer vids better fit its news style than mini-docs

On Monday, the [Washington] Post published a minute-long vertical video about the importance of Super Tuesday, which was told with animated graphics and meant to be watched with the sound off. The video … is the latest in a series of “Know Its,” the Post’s name for its vertical video explainers … reminiscent of the vertical videos from many of the publishers on Snapchat Discover…

…Since deep-sixing its “PostTV” brand last fall and shifting away from television-style and long-form video, [the Post] has adopted a video strategy built on news explainers, aggregation and live coverage… “We’re not doing mini-documentaries. We never found a home for that on Washington Post. It didn’t match what the rest of the paper was doing,” said [Micah] Gelman, [Washington Post director of editorial video].

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