WP editors set up different versions of story & ‘Bandito’ picks the one that gets most clicks

Washington Post

A new internally-developed tool, dubbed “Bandito,” allows [Washington Post] editors to enter different article versions with varying headlines, images and teaser text into its content management system. The technology then detects which version readers are clicking or tapping on more, and automatically serves that version more frequently on the homepage and other areas of the Post’s site… This allows editors to essentially “set and forget” the tool, the company said, which makes the process more efficient… Bandito was built in-house at the Post and is evidence of the influence its owner, Jeff Bezos, is having on the company. In the more than two years since Mr. Bezos bought the Post from the Graham family for $250 million, the billionaire Amazon.com Inc. founder has made his mark by championing technological experimentation, and a focus on customer experience and data-driven decision making.

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