Mobile study says small screen as engaging & more emotional than same vid on big screen  

We did not expect that the mobile viewing experience would produce more positive emotions. This was surprising. You would assume that because the TV screen is larger than a smartphone screen that the bigger screen would yield a more positive emotional response.It seems that when viewing a stimulus our neurological systems don’t really require a grandiose experience to feel a response. Overall, the more data that we seem to be exposed to, the more effort is placed on our brain. And, in some way, due to its size, the smartphone may provide a more efficient, less energy-demanding experience.

Our physical closeness to the mobile screen has shifted our perception of the size of the device. It is drawing us in to be more attentive and feel more positively about the content that is presented on it…
…people were more attentive and tended to feel more positively toward the information presented on a mobile phone than on a TV. With TV, people’s brains were more distracted and had to work harder to process the information. We found that overall mobile was on par with TV with regards to emotional intensity and engagement.

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