Even without an iPhone, experience the cool FB Instant Article experience direct via Guardian

Facebook’s Instant Article feature is currently iPhone only, which is unfortunate since about 80 percent of the world uses Android smartphones. Then again, only a handful of Instant Articles have been published yet despite the hype. Still, the presentation is pretty cool, perhaps the best thing since the New York Times’ Snowfall project. Maybe more people will actually read it then ever read Snowfall — NYT analytics showed most just admired that environment for a short bit and then moved on.

Although Instant Articles are intended as a mobile-specific experience (part of why more people might read more of them), even without an iPhone you can at least get the feel of the integrated, interactive, instant-play story model through this web-version of The Guardian’s latest Instant Article piece on refugee Hashem Alsouki risking his life crossing the Mediterranean.

See the Interactive Article at The Guardian
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