18 bullet points of @AmPress news habits study of Millennials ::& download link::


  • 69% of Millennials get news at least once a day
  • 9.5 — the number of news and information topics followed by the average Millennial
  • Millennials regularly follow a variety of news and information topics
  • Social platforms predominate as the gateway to lifestyle news
  • For hard news topics, Millennials continue to embrace original news reporting sources
  • Search engines and news aggregators are most often utilized for ‘news you can use’
  • When Millennials want to dive deeply into a topic, the majority first turn to search engines
  • Young adults mix social, search, aggregators, online-only news sites, and traditional reporting sources
  • Majority of Millennials are almost always or mostly online and connected
  • Many Millennials pay for subscriptions, but more often it is for entertainment than information and news
  • Millennials are not very worried about their privacy online
  • Millennials who worry about privacy are most concerned that someone will steal their identity or financial information
  • Millennials use a variety of social networks for news and information, especially Facebook (88%)
  • While social networks may be a place that people bump into news, many Millennials engage more actively with the news once there
  • Millennials say social media exposes them to different opinions and views
  • Even within the Millennial generation there are differences by age
  • Millennial men vs women have different online privacy concerns, use different social media sites, and follow different topics
  • The digital and social media behavior of Millennials also differs somewhat by ethnicity

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