If your news site isn’t about something specific, it’s about nothing in particular & not particularly memorable

Mass audience

One of the best things about the web is that it has meant an explosion of choices when it comes to media… And that brings up a related problem, which Purdue University doctoral student Frederik De Boer wrote about in a recent blog post. In a nutshell, De Boer said that his problem with many of the new-media sites that have popped up over the past year… is that they share a certain sameness of content.

“It just isn’t about anything in the way that the site’s founders and editorial people clearly want it to be…”

With more and more people finding content through social networks and sharing, there’s already a declining likelihood that they will remember where a specific piece of news or commentary came from. Do you really need to make it even harder by writing about all the same things every other site is, or presenting them in the same way? That just leaves you chasing the drive-by, click-through audience, and that has to be the worst business in the world.

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