Context-aware hyper-personalization of news enabled by that life-sensor called your mobile phone


Responsive design doesn’t address the consumer’s needs. It solves the needs of the device. A device over which news organizations have zero control.

In 2015, news content, the brand experience, the interactivity, the social components, and the advertising all must answer this central question: What is the ideal version of this story for this individual consumer, given what she’s doing, what she’s thinking, what she’s been reading or watching recently and how much time she has at this very moment?

It’s critical news organizations reframe their thinking now, as the device ecosystem grows more disparate and the volume of content continues to explode. Consumers will start to lose their appetite for the listicles, explainers, and quizzes that delivered so much traffic this year. The next opportunity for news organizations to gain market share isn’t through a new storytelling template, but rather in a new form of hyper-personalization.

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