NYT R&D exec warns re editorial decisions based on big data ::even if possible::

Picking winner content

Much has been made of new capabilities — often more imagined than available — to track each and every reader, guiding them to the very thing they most want to see. Companies from analytics firms to ad targeting systems to algorithmic content creators use the “power of Big Data” to promise hyper-personalized information delivery…

This is all about to get a lot more complicated…

Right now, fully half of Americans under 30 use their mobile device as their primary Internet device, yet very few providers can find a way to create valuable ad presentations here. This struggle will increase as experiences with smaller, or no, visual elements are increasingly adopted. The industry has barely gotten to a place where it can understand the data behind the current two or three platforms it supports now, and certainly has no idea how to measure a reader’s interest in a report on Google Glass or on the Moto 360.

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