Like butter and a car — print & digital completely different to real people; don’t expect a connection

Butter car

…The Dallas Morning News in September 2012 did a survey of about 2,000 print subscribers… asking them at what digital price would they dump their print subscription. Would they dump that $30 print deal for a discounted digital subscription at $14.95, for example? Well, the scenarios bottomed out at $2.95. That is, the newspaper asked those print subscribers if they’d drop print for a digital product priced at one-tenth the price of their print deal. Only 5 percent of the respondents, recalls (CEO Jim) Moroney, responded that they’d bite on that offer. “I said to my economist,” says Moroney, “What’s going on? He said, ‘Butter is not a substitute for a car. They’re different things.’” Of the folks who’ve expressed an interest in the supplements from the New York Times and The Washington Post, Moroney says, “they’re not interested in accessing it online.”

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