Pew’s 6 media trends: jobs concentration, no sustainability yet, social/mobile drive, news video, TV sales, Hispanics

news media trends

  1. Thirty of the largest digital-only news organizations account for about 3,000 jobs and one area of investment is global coverage.
  2. So far, the impact of new money flowing into the industry may be more about fostering new ways of reporting and reaching audience than about building a new, sustainable revenue structure.
  3. Social and mobile developments are doing more than bringing consumers into the process – they are also changing the dynamics of the process itself.
  4. New ways of storytelling bring both promise and challenge.
  5. Local television, which reaches about nine in ten U.S. adults, experienced massive change in 2013, change that stayed under the radar of most.
  6. Dramatic changes under way in the makeup of the American population will undoubtedly have an impact on news in the U.S, and in one of the fastest growing demographic groups – Hispanics – we are already seeing shifts.

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