Attention Minutes say quality counts over length, referral source & freshness ::but Upworthy’s analysis suspect::

Relationship between length and attention

Three interesting things Attention Minutes have already taught us:

  1. Referrer matters — and so does device.
  2. People who stick around share more.
  3. There’s no ideal length for content.

So what have we learned from Attention Minutes so far? Whether your content is short or long, whether your audience comes from Facebook or Google, whether lots of people have seen your content before or it’s brand new, quality is what counts.

Read the full piece at Upworthy Insider

I like the philosophy of gauge Attention Minutes, but Upworthy cherry-picks its examples to prove its comparsion with other metrics — for instance, using a video to evaluate whether desktop or mobile is the preferred platform for any content. When their ultimate conclusion is that own metric is better than Medium’s or others’, it has to wave red flags.