Asking if AP Style is apropo in non-traditional media? BuzzFeed among those supplementing standards ::i.e. ‘fave’::

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According to BuzzFeed, it’s “News Feed” when you’re talking about Facebook, “page view,” “de-friend” rather than “unfriend,” “GIF’d” (yes, as in the past tense of creating a GIF image), “photobomb/videobomb” and “screengrab.” Then there are some other trickier ones, like “live-tweet” versus “live stream.” Notice that there is no hyphen on “live stream,” whether it’s being used as a noun or verb.

And one of my personal “faves” — BuzzFeed says I can not only make “favorite-ing” an adverb, but I can also shorten it. It’s “fave, faved, fave-ing (as in, “I faved his tweet”)” in BuzzFeed content (and perhaps, soon-to-be others who might adopt similar internet-centric style policies).

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