What’s missing in Keller & Greenwald’s future of journalism | Carmody ::infinite other futures — don’t limit yourself::

Dynamics of the Future of Journalism

Bill Keller and Glenn Greenwald never actually answer the question posed by the Times headline: “Is Glenn Greenwald the Future of Journalism?” It doesn’t fit either of their assumptions about presenting multiple strong points of view and allowing the reader to decide whom to believe. So I will answer it. Greenwald and the journalists he surrounds himself with at this new news venture will be one future of journalism. Using one of the last century’s best two-dimensional, pen-and-paper critical tools, I have drawn a square that illustrates at least seven more. Each will have their say.

But we need to remember that we no longer live in a pencil-and-paper world. Ours is one of infinite dimensions and undecidable quantum states. We flutter across multiple nodes—not just P and Q, but also P and not P. There are infinite futures of journalism as well. But we begin with what we can represent. Here is a place to begin.

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