Ad campaigns going multiscreen (expect 50% by 2016); journalism may finally catch on ::creating immersive news stories::


In three years, about half of all media campaigns are expected to be multiscreen campaigns, according to a study from the Association of National Advertisers and Nielsen. Multiscreen is defined as two or more screens — TV, computer, tablet, mobile phone and digital place-based media — running in a similar time frame…

Right now, 71% of those surveyed said they are not currently managing multiscreen campaigns in a fully integrated manner — managing their individual media platforms separately.

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Most newsrooms don’t yet really understand what multiscreen means. It is not about putting the same thing on mobile, online, on air and on hardcopy. That just shovelware reinvented. It is instead about matching the aspects of the story that go on different platforms with how and when people use those platforms to engage the story. It is a much more sophisticated newsflow management challenge, requiring a much more sophisticated understanding of the intersection between technology, journalism and lifestyle — that place where we work.