Twitter moving more aggressively into journalism with new alert system for breaking news, building media partnerships, says Verge

Twitter news

Together, the moves point to a service that is as much a broadcaster as it is a social network, owning live events with a core product that predicts its users’ interests without having to ask for them…

Last week, the latest project in Twitter’s flock of experiments started to chirp. Event Parrot, an account devoted to bringing you news of the world via push notifications, went public. It follows in the footsteps of Magic Recs, a similarly experimental account that launched in March. Magic Recs focuses on people and popular tweets: it notifies you when a group of people you follow all follow the same person, or favorite or retweet the same tweet. Event Parrot monitors breaking news accounts on Twitter, including CNN’s and the BBC’s, and sends alerts about major stories.

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