Telefónica survey of Millennials profiles this most important journalistic public ::fascinating regional infographics::

Millennials survey

The Millennial Leaders have been identified through the survey as an important new subgroup of the widely-recognized Millennial generation, defined by their expertise with technology, a passion to participate in solving challenges facing communities and the world, and a drive to succeed.

Millennial Leaders are the 11 percent of global Millennials who are driving change through technology. They are found at the intersection of:

  • Strongly agree they are on the cutting-edge of technology
  • Believe they can make a local difference
  • Believe they have opportunities in their country to become an entrepreneur or develop and bring an idea to market.

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Survey summaries:

North American Millennials, aged 18-30, are digitally savvy,inter-connected and optimistic about their personal futures. (Infographic)

Latin America’s Millennials are nearly twice as optimistic about their future as their global peers and are confident that technology can empower and produce change. (Infographic)

European Millennials are highly comfortable with, and have wide access to, technology, crediting it for having been highly influential in their lives and an important field of study to ensure personal future success. (Infographic)

Millennials in Asia are highly influenced by technology largely due to the high penetration of smartphones in the region, and think technology has improved communication. (Infographic)

Millennials in the Middle East and Africa are largely optimistic about the futures of their regions and their personal opportunities for success. (Fact sheet)