Lessons on multiplatform publishing from Columbia Missourian | RJI ::good thoughts but why doing multiplatform only now?::

  1. Decide early on the vision/scope of the project, and open up the thinking from the start.
  2. Think carefully about the unique audience use case for the content and for each platform.
  3. Accept that the payoffs may not be immediate.
  4. Identify a project manager who will champion the delivery platforms, separate from the editor overseeing the reporting.
  5. Create a master checklist for elements, along with regular check-ins.
  6. Establish a tandem workflow to prepare the elements for all platforms at once, if possible. And don’t forget all the extra descriptive/display text.
  7. Plan the time for video and other multimedia elements.
  8. Thoroughly edit all materials early in the process, especially any text in the video.
  9. Build in additional time for editing/proofing of everything.
  10. Get the iBook version done first. Then be prepared to wait.

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