The Nerd Side of the Redesign | Source ::streams are their narratives, endless scrolling::


We produce, including videos, text, pictures, and other content types, something like 20,000 unique items per day. But our current website really didn’t let us show off the depth of our reporting. So one of the main functions of the CMS is really set up to allow editors to create and curate collections—we call them streams—of stories. This lets us get to the endless-scroll type behavior that Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and the rest have made popular as the new default behavior of the web…

One thing worth mentioning is that streams aren’t just for content; they are for everything, including ads. Right now you see a very basic IAB ad at the top of every “stream” of content in the promoted content area (that’s the area at the top of every “stream” where editors have pinned the stories most important to that stream).

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