Disqus Gravity Tracks “Trending” Discussions on News | 10,000 Words ::whether you like comments or not::

Disqus Gravity

Ubiquitous comment system Disqus has made the discovery of trending topics visual with its new website, Gravity. The dynamic, HTML5-based website reports in real time where articles are receiving comment traffic by tracking motion across all of Disqus’s publication partners.

“What you’re seeing isn’t a simple directory of content people are clicking on,” the company writes in Gravity’s about page. “You’re seeing discussions experiencing a spike in volume. You’re seeing what people are talking about.”

Bubbles based around different topics — including Tech, Lifestyle and News — pop in and out of the space depending on their growing popularity among commenters. You can click the story to see where it comes from, as well as read highlighted comments from the particular story.

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