Tailor-made and looking the part: is this the future of journalism? | Independent ::more corporate media::


Jeremy Langmead, the former editor of Wallpaper* and Esquire, is central to this operation and the journey he has travelled is indicative of wider changes in the future funding of media and what exactly constitutes “journalism”.

For a little over two years, Langmead has been editor-in-chief of Mr Porter, the men’s fashion division of Net-a-Porter. It now produces a weekly online magazine, The Journal, in addition to a 40-page print edition called The Mr Porter Post (soon to grow to 80 pages), an electronic missive that goes out three times a week, an annual paperback and an iPad app called The Tux (featuring an interactive guide to knotting a bow tie).

The project has been deemed so successful by Net-a-Porter founder Natalie Massenet that she has hired Lucy Yeomans, the former editor of Harper’s Bazaar, to create an editorial offering for the more important women’s side of the business.

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