News media should watch the tug-o-war between HTML5 and native apps | INMA ::a matter of control::


Summary from Rob Grimshaw, Managing Director,

  • What is HTML5 good at? Cross-platform development. “Since we’ve put together the Web app, our mobile developing process has become a lot more simple and straightforward.”
  • What is it bad at? Advertising. “This is the thing that has caused us the biggest single headache with HTML5. Online and in some native environments, a lot of things have been standardised. But with HTML5, many of the tools that you need to make advertising work simply aren’t there.”
  • Why bother if HTML5 is a challenge to work with? “What this is about is the open Web versus the closed Web. Does it matter if we have to go through intermediaries to reach our customers? I think it does. In a closed environment the rules and the shape of the playing field are determined by the owner of the platform.
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