The Problem With Media’s Social Media Addiction | HuffPost ::a thousand journos tweeting same debate lines::

  1. Forgetting what journalism is about — Crowdsourcing is great, and tapping into the power of social networks is wonderful, but does it equate with interviewing people on the phone, or better yet, speaking face-to-face?
  2. Losing sense of reality — Social media also puts us in a bubble. Not everyone uses social media, even if we’d like to believe they do.
  3. Worrying about secondsThe Onion joked about a 24-second news cycle in 2007. It’s not so funny anymore. It’s here.
  4. New competition — Social media companies like Tumblr and Facebook are hiring journalists themselves.
  5. Loss of control — Overnight, if it wants to, Facebook could make it more difficult to reach even our own audience on Facebook if we’re not willing to pay to do so.
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