10 (er, 11) lessons from the first 10 issues of Huffington Mag ::good, but ‘don’t think serial’ wasn’t one::

  1. Start with the end in mind — (longform journalism)
  2. Choose a publishing platform
  3. Start small… MVP — (minimal viable product: the best insight of the list)
  4. Appetizers, Meal, Dessert — (the part that makes me ask about serial mindset)
  5. Don’t forget your DNA — (i.e. social)
  6. Social from Day 1 — (repeating previous mostly)
  7. Build the dream team
  8. Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should (also known as: EDIT!) — (this refers to not overpowering with content, but a little copyediting might also have noted there are 11 lessons offered, not 10)
  9. Never too dark for the iPad! — (re: photos)
  10. Plan ahead — (not an insight necessarily, like “eat healthy”)
  11. It’s an app — (‘not a magazine,’ so see #3 comment above)
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