Tablets Approach Critical Mass Among The Connected | MinOnline ::mobile is ultimate target medium::


Nearly a quarter (23.9%) of all smartphone owners in the U.S. now have a tablet device, according to comScore’s latest survey results. The company says that among audiences that are highly connected to digital data, the tablet is approaching a critical mass of valuable users. The share of smartphone owners who use a tablet has increased 13.9% in the last year, and owning an advanced phone increasingly has become an indicator of tablet use. Among feature phone owners, however, only 10.4% own a tablet, up 8.1% fro a year ago.

The sweet spot among tablet users is the 25-44 age demo. But these users are also noticeably older than the typical smartphone owner. Compared to smartphone owners, the tablet user was 27% less likely to be 18-24 and 28% more likely to be 65 or older.

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