Nielsen: U.S. Consumers The Most Likely To Pay For Content On Tablet… Except When It’s News | TechCrunch


Taking just the use of paid content on tablets in Q4 2011, Nielsen found that in the U.S., a majority of tablet owners have already paid for downloaded music, books and movies, with 62 percent, 58 percent and 51 percent respectively saying they have already made such purchases. The one area that really fell down in the U.S. was news, where only 19 percent said they had ever paid to read news on their tablets…

What’s interesting is that when Nielsen asked the U.S. participants of its survey about what they would be willing to pay for on their tablet, those high percentages went down. Only 46 percent said they would pay for music; books became 45 percent and movies 38 percent: this suggests that although people have been willing to give things a try, they’re not necessarily going to come back for more.

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