Adweek | Has Social Media Made Search-Driven Publishing Less Relevant? ::search-shovelware devalued::


“We believe that driving active media consumption on Facebook requires creating content in a different way than YouTube or search,” said Joanne Bradford, Demand’s chief revenue officer. “While our eHow content is mostly discovered via search, our Cracked content is discovered through sharing via social. Content has to be created for more than a website; it needs to be created for a multi-platform world.”

However, it’s important to keep the shift away from a search-centric Web to a social one in perspective. A new report from Citigroup Investment Research’s managing director Mark Mahaney found that in 2010 and 2011, Google delivered 17 percent of all the traffic to the top 30 Websites. By this year that number was down to 16 percent. “That’s slippage, but at a glacial pace,” wrote Mahaney.

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