Poynter | The problem with retweets & how journalists can solve it :: interesting – NT@ neutral retweets::


Different types of retweets:

  • The native retweet in the form @username — Twitter’s official method of passing along information, by simply recreating the original tweet, unaltered, to your followers. This has the journalistic advantage of keeping the name and avatar of the original poster attached to the words.

  • The manual retweet in the form RT@username — This has the advantage of letting you preface the original tweet with your own brief comment.

  • The modified retweet in the form MT@username — The modified retweet is very similar to the manual retweet, except that you paraphrase and change the original language.

  • A proposed neutral retweet in the form NT@username — For the times when journalists want to repost something but don’t want people to read anything into their motives.
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