Buttry Diary | Advice for editors on becoming conversational on Twitter ::think telephone, not bulletin board::

Most editors using Twitter should try to be more conversational. They use Twitter primarily to post headlines and links to their staff’s stories. Posting links is a valid use of Twitter, but if that’s all you’re doing, especially if you’re just posting headlines with the links, you’re just getting started:

  • Comment on the links you tweet.
  • Retweet and reply to people in the community.
  • Tweet links to some community blogs.
  • Tweet about people in the community.
  • Tweet links to interesting content from other sources.
  • Live-tweet.
  • Praise your staff.
  • Tweet as you live in your community.
  • Tweet about professional involvement.
  • Join a journalism live chat.
  • Tell the community what your staff is working on.
  • Crowdsource.
  • Tell what’s going on in the newsroom.
  • Promote your organization.
  • Post newsroom jobs.
  • Address questions about your coverage.
  • Converse with colleagues.
  • Follow more people.
  • Say thank you.
  • Opinion may be OK.
  • Show your sense of humor.
  • Show your personality.
  • Sometimes the headline is a good tweet.
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