paidContent | Hearst Wants Tablet Magazines To Adopt Movie, TV Pricing ::a long-tail approach to content::


…Turns out tablet magazines is also a long-tail business, (according to Hearst magazines President David Carey). “Approximately 40 percent of single-copy sales occur after the physical copy has gone off the newsstand,” Carey said. “We have near-term consumers, we’re getting very good long tail activity – that’s totally new for us.”

That prompts Hearst to think in a more long-term fashion than the monthly publishing cycle…

“The magazine industry can learn a lot from the movie business and the windows they have for their content… theatrical, international, premium, pay-per-view and then it ends up on the Turner channel at 3am,” Carey said.

Carey also thought magazines can take another cue from Hollywood – tiering editions in to “SD”, “HD” and “director’s cut”-style products, or just as American Express offers several different card types.

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