SocialTimes | 85% Of Media Websites Now Use Online Video To Cover News ::different styles on-air vs online::

According to Douglas Simon, the D S Simon Web Influencers Survey, which garnered results based on an online survey delivered to over 1,000 media influencers in the fields of TV, radio, newspaper, magazine and web media properties, showed that “online media has now officially become a video programming network.”  33% more media outlets are using online video to cover news than they were a year ago, and the growth of online video is showing no signs of stopping.

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The increased focus on video storytelling online relates to the increasing shift from a reading to a viewing society. That makes it increasingly important to take into consideration in video production the difference between styles and approaches that work online vs what is typically done for on air distribution. The newscast model is not generally what people enjoy watching on their laptops, tablets and mobiles. Just consider how few if any videos posted from nightly newscasts go viral.