NYT | Apps Customize How Users Read Content Online ::news consumers creating ‘personalized prime time’::


Nate Weiner, founder of Read It Later, a Web and mobile service that saves articles to be read offline, said there was a larger shift under way, one that mirrors the move to digital from print. Instead of thumbing through the newspaper over breakfast, he said, people like to read articles from many sources on their commutes or in the evening, often using mobile devices.

Mr. Weiner recently analyzed data from his service, which has three million users, and found that those who owned an iPhone or iPad preferred to save articles for a personalized prime time. IPad reading, in particular, peaks from 8 to 10 p.m.

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This piece starts out talking about how one of the group of save-it-for-later-offline apps is trying to make publishers happy and make money at the same time it serves up delayed reading for users. The real nut graph of the article, though, is down where we get data from another of this group showing that news consumers are driving this whole trend in delayed-reading and creating “personalized prime time.” The headline is wrong. It’s consumer driven, not app driven.