Could i be the future of newspapers? | Editors Weblog (interesting non-traditional sectionalization)

  • 1. Opinion is the first section of the paper, based on the key word think. No other Portuguese paper starts out with opinion.

  • 2. Radar is the second, accompanied by the key word know. (The editor) said the assumption was that readers will already know a lot from other sources, but Radar aims to offer a quick overview of everything that has happened in the past 24 hours. The section is eight pages long, and the longest article is half a page.

  • 3. Zoom is the third section, connected to the key word understand. The 22-26 page section looks at between eight and 13 topics in depth, with articles taking up one to ten pages. “We deal with these subjects with a lot of care, and we use the best teams,” (the editor) said.

  • 4. The fourth section is called More, linked to the key concept feel. This is where anything about people’s private, cultural, social lives goes. (The editor) explained that the team did not want to give the section a more specific name, or the content would be limited. More encompasses the fifth need that the paper wanted to address: sports, about 80% of which is focused on football – “this is very important in Portugal,” (the editor) said.
  • The editor-in-chief is Martim Avillez Figueiredo.