NYT Explores New Twitter Search Products | MediaWeek (what news organizations are supposed to do – make sense of it all)

The venerable news organization is exploring plans to build searchproducts which can sift through thousands of Twitter feeds and pulltogether commentary on specific narrow topics. According to MartinNisenholtz, senior vp of digital operations for The New York TimesCompany, the company has built such a product for its popularfashion-themed blog The Moment which aggregates Twitter commentaryfrom both editors and readers related to the high-end fashionworld.

“If you go out and search Twitter, it doesn’t work very well,” hesaid. “It’s very literal.” But if The Times can build multiplesearch products for Twitter that better understand context, there“is a lot of power in organizing and curating this world.” Therefore, the company is looking into building similar Twitteraggregators for what could be “thousands of categories,” hesaid.