"…we have broken your business, now we want your machines…"

Really Interesting Group is a multi disciplinary organisation working in post digital design. Ben and Russell talk in this video about “Things Our Friends Have Written On The Internet.” TOFHWOTI is a collection of things from the internet they decided would work well on paper. They made it into a newspaper and had it printed with a limited edition run of 1,000.

It is fascinating to listen to people who apparently are not that familiar with newspaper production and printing technology discovering all the details and nuances required to design and produce a print product that works – all the things our industry has been done routinely for generations.

I imagine some day in the future when everything is digital and then someone suddenly rediscovers print an interesting medium and presses as terribly useful technology. Russell Davies says in this video of their presentation in London: “When you go and see the machines, you just kind of go, ‘I want to output to THAT! Not to the web. I want to output to, you know, this stuff.”